Event Table Seating

Remember that time John Doel sat next to Amy Smith at the Gala and things got out of hand? Or that time we forgot to put Jim Grates at a table and he never donated again? Or that other time we put the divorced couple and their dates at the same table? Yuck, what a mess! Let's try avoid that next year, shall we?! Events are enough trouble without the extra hassle of onsite table seating. For anyone who's ever coordinated a gala dinner or a wedding, you know how important it can be to manage seating assignments. Well, if you're a nonprofit using the Click & Pledge Event Management product, we've got a table seating solution that should put your mind at ease.

 At KELL, we've helped hundreds of nonprofits deploy various event solutions and table seating is a common challenge. Recently we wrote about our affinity for the Click & Pledge Event Management product. Now we're excited to introduce our latest SmartPack, Table Seating for C&P Events!

What is it?

It's a package that is installed within your Salesforce instance. The package allows you to organize your tables for each event. Tables can have as many seats as you'd like (e.g Table #1 has 5 seats, table #2 has 10 seats, etc.). Then for each table, you can drag, drop and reorder registered attendees to the specific seats at the table. Once filled, you can "close" the table to prevent accidentally modifying assignments.

Another nice, time-saving feature is the ability to move all related attendees at once. Here's how it works - when you register for an event using the C&P solution, you may have multiple attendees within one registration. Most likely, these people want to sit together. Because C&P links registrants and attendees, our solution makes it easy to keep them together.

One important note: this SmartPack expects C&P to be installed and used for managing Events. If you'd like to use this application for managing non-C&P Events, talk to us, we can help!

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Can I get a demonstration?

Of course! Watch this brief video or contact us for a personalized demo.

How much does it cost?

We charge a one-time implementation fee of $900 for the solution. If you're one of our Support clients, we'll provide ongoing support, upgrades, and assistance; however, if you're not one of our support clients this is offered "as is" with no ongoing support.

How can I get it?

Easy, just contact us and we'll provide the paperwork and schedule the implementation.