Facing Cancer With Truly Powerful Support

Facing Our Risk of Cancer EmpoweredThough Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered has offered comforting, and even lifesaving, resources since 1999, KELL Partners recently helped them take personalized support to a whole new level. Through the Peer Navigation Program, FORCE matches individuals seeking support with specially trained volunteers who travelled a similar health journey.

“Knowing someone who’s been through exactly what you’re experiencing and having them share important resources tailored for your specific journey is what makes this program so different than just sitting in a general support group meeting,” said FORCE’s CEO Barbara Pfeiffer.

FORCE needed an efficient way to match people across the U.S., based on several criteria. Julie Loyd, Solution Architect-Data Lead at KELL Partners, started by migrating FORCE from their previous, less-flexible CRM to Salesforce and installing the Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Loyd added custom Visualforce code to create the user interface framework for the platform. She built a custom solution involving two intake forms, one for volunteers and one for people seeking help. The online forms feed data directly into a Salesforce matching database.

This allows FORCE to easily bring individuals with similar demographics and circumstances together, as well as create personalized resource guides for each participant. The confidential support provided through the customized match empowers the participant to make informed decisions with their healthcare provider. “We’ve never been able to match a person who’s in their twenties with another person who’s in their twenties and facing the exact same diagnosis,” said Pfeiffer. “And there is absolutely no way we would be able to do it if KELL didn’t make it possible.”

The program is making a huge impact. Oncologists and genetic counselors are referring patients to the tool. Enthusiastic testimonials are pouring in from both participants and volunteers. Read more about the project on KELL’s client page.

Confronting hereditary cancer can be lonely and overwhelming. Fortunately, FORCE empowers people to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. And with Salesforce, KELL helped FORCE ensure that no one has to face this journey alone.