KELL360 - A Simpler Path for Nonprofits

360 success pyramid 200We've been very busy improving our KELL360 offering since we introduced it this past May! Since the introduction, we've signed up a dozen nonprofits, developed new functionality for event table seating, improved the donor analytics, created a direct-response solution and completed an exhaustive comparison of email automation products that work with KELL360, and that's just scratching the surface. During this time, KELL360 has benefited from the innovations within the Nonprofit Success Pack, including new functionality for Engagement Plans and tracking Donor Levels, an enhancement to tracking Deliverables, and many small changes and improvements as well. Likewise, Click & Pledge has rolled out many exciting enhancements, most notably an entirely new form solution to create fully-responsive, customizable and attractive donation forms without any code. Over the next several weeks we'll explore each and every one of these enhancements in depth here within KELL Labs.

However, nothing can compare to the amazing work our services team has done to develop an entirely new implementation approach for our KELL360 clients. This is no small undertaking and our nonprofit clients will experience the benefits. This new implementation approach combines the lessons we've learned over the years and more than 100,000 hours of services into a modular implementation approach. We've also developed a radical new way to interact with clients throughout the implementation by developing an interactive implementation workbook that lives, and remains, within each client's instance of Salesforce. The result is a faster implementation with complete documentation and total transparency into the process for our clients. In coming weeks we'll post a Labs article dedicated to this approach with more details, but needless to say, we're excited to begin helping more nonprofits quickly deploy a full-featured Salesforce solution that matches their needs and retains all of the flexibility offered by this amazing platform.