SYBUNT Donor Segmentation

Here's a common question we are asked, "How many of my donors have given some year in the past, but have unfortunately NOT given yet this year?" This is the classic SYBUNT segmentation nonprofits need to perform quickly for strategic fundraising. The reason is that your past donors are typically your best candidates for future donations. But how you find these donors is not exactly clear. The Nonprofit Starter Pack from makes it possible to pull a very simple SYBUNT list using reports, but it doesn't go quite far enough for most of our clients. In this post we explore the differences between NPSP SYBUNT and KELL360 SYBUNT reporting.

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Donor Profile Document Merge

Here's a common question we get asked: "How can I quickly create a document/PDF for a specific donor that shows the most important information we have on record?". This is a classic "donor profile" report/mail merge that many of our clients need available at their fingertips. With Salesforce it's all possible and there are many available solutions to deliver such a report. After trying them all, we've settled on what we at KELL believe to be a true best practice approach for this common need.

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Introducing KELL360

This is not your ordinary product announcement. We’ve all seen the typical announcement before, "We are thrilled to announce the availability of KELL360, a complete nonprofit fundraising solution built on the platform, blah blah", often devoid of substance and answers; more fluff, less stuff. You know what I’m talking about, and we're not going to bore you with it again. At KELL we don’t like to follow others, we choose to blaze new paths. That’s why KELL360 is not like your typical product. It’s a new approach that is less radical and more logical. Less transformative and more practical. That said, we are still excited to finally talk publicly about what we hope will change the way nonprofits choose Salesforce.

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