Introducing KELL360

This is not your ordinary product announcement. We’ve all seen the typical announcement before, "We are thrilled to announce the availability of KELL360, a complete nonprofit fundraising solution built on the platform, blah blah", often devoid of substance and answers; more fluff, less stuff. You know what I’m talking about, and we're not going to bore you with it again. At KELL we don’t like to follow others, we choose to blaze new paths. That’s why KELL360 is not like your typical product. It’s a new approach that is less radical and more logical. Less transformative and more practical. That said, we are still excited to finally talk publicly about what we hope will change the way nonprofits choose Salesforce.

What does KELL360 offer nonprofits?

A complete donor and constituent management suite all built natively on Salesforce. It includes integrated online donations, event management, email marketing, grant management, major gift management, document merge automation and all of the goodness and flexibility Salesforce offers.

What is KELL360 technically?

It is not a managed package (e.g. NGO Connect, Causeview, Luminate CRM, Affinaquest, Common Ground, etc.). We’ve worked with literally hundreds of nonprofits helping them implement the next great “package” built on the platform. The problem with these packages is that they create a lock in factor. It’s not deliberate or a sinister plot of the vendor, it’s just the way Salesforce has developed its packaging. I’ll spare you the wonky tech detail, but suffice it to say, there’s never been a “packaged” suite that offers everything nonprofits need on Salesforce, and we’re pretty confident there never will be. KELL360 is a bundle, not a package.

What is a bundle and how is it different?

A bundle is a selection of applications and discreet packages pre-installed, along with customizations that are not within a managed package, easily deployed and easily repeatable. The KELL360 solution is exactly this, a bundle of carefully selected applications with KELL code and configuration work, ready to be deployed and configured for each organization. The difference between a bundle and a package is that with a managed package, it is often difficult and impossible to customize. You are stuck with the code “as is”, regardless of whether it works for your needs or not. With a bundle, you have a baseline set of features and applications that can be further customized when needed, or even removed if desired. This provides significantly better flexibility. So what’s the trade off? With a managed package, upgrades and enhancements can be “managed” more easily. This is true; however, at KELL we believe strongly that the con’s outweigh the pro’s with these packages and after more than 10,000 hours of delivered services, we’ve got the scars to prove it.

So what’s in the KELL360 bundle?

We have chosen to focus the solution around the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) from At KELL we’ve made significant investments in NPSP, with the development of our Fund Allocations application and our Matching Gifts application (since donated to, read more here); as well as, contributing our time with Adam Kramer, Sr. Project Manager at KELL serving on the inaugural NPSP advisory board. After helping more than 850 nonprofits implement various packages, applications and customize salesforce to match their needs, we found the combination of NPSP + Click & Pledge to work VERY well for online gift processing and event management. We have also become very fond of the email marketing features in Predictive Response and have worked with them to improve the application and its use with Click & Pledge. Furthermore, we’re big fans of DrawLoop for merge automation. It’s an amazingly flexible application for generating all kinds of documents from your Salesforce data.

Lastly, we’ve added a ton of value with KELL360 through our own code and configuration work. These best practices have been established after working with so many organizations and repeatedly solving the same problems over and over. With KELL360, nonprofits receive the value of our experience without the cost of custom development.

What makes KELL360 special?

First, because we’ve bundled it all together, we’re able to deploy KELL360 for new clients with significantly less effort. That means less cost for the nonprofit. Secondly, this is not an experiment or a new solution. Implementing KELL360 is like pulling the cake out of the oven and ready for icing. The platform and the functionality are battle tested. We created this bundle because we know this works. It dramatically simplifies the process for nonprofits and the products are mature, full-featured and backed by product partners with deep nonprofit experience and successful businesses.

What does it cost?

The total cost of ownership = annual licensing fees + transaction processing fees + implementation costs + support costs. For each of these areas there are options and variables, so at KELL we can work with you to create a five (5) year cost analysis that’s specific to your organization. To get started, contact us.

Why did KELL do this?

Because it’s the best approach to meet the needs of our nonprofit market. Nonprofits want flexibility, Salesforce provides it. However, nonprofits want also predictability and proven technology. Let’s face it, the salesforce ecosystem has seen its share of turmoil and change. Yet through it all, the NPSP has prevailed. It’s free, it will always be free and it’s not only stable, its rock solid and getting better every month. The problem has been that the NPSP alone deliberately leaves key functionality out, requiring nonprofits to shop and select specific applications to meet their needs. That has led to a culture of “customization” within our industry. We know, we’ve built our business around this need. But it’s time to evolve. KELL will always offer customization options for Salesforce, but with KELL360 we’re no longer building the same solution from scratch over and over, we’re helping nonprofits get started with a proven solution that’s flexible to support their current and future needs.

To learn more about KELL360 features, compare it with the Nonprofit Starter Pack and to receive a demonstration, visit this page on our website.