SYBUNT Donor Segmentation

Here's a common question we are asked, "How many of my donors have given some year in the past, but have unfortunately NOT given yet this year?" This is the classic SYBUNT segmentation nonprofits need to perform quickly for strategic fundraising. The reason is that your past donors are typically your best candidates for future donations. But how you find these donors is not exactly clear. The Nonprofit Starter Pack from makes it possible to pull a very simple SYBUNT list using reports, but it doesn't go quite far enough for most of our clients. In this post we explore the differences between NPSP SYBUNT and KELL360 SYBUNT reporting.

NPSP "Out of the Box" SYBUNT Report

The NPSP includes a report called Contact SYBUNT. This report looks at two calculated summary values on each contact to find the results. These fields are [Total Gifts] and [Total Gifts This Year]. If Total Gifts is greater than 0, then the individual has given at some point in the past (i.e. "some year") and if Total Gifts This Year equals 0 then we know they've not yet given in the current year.

The problem most of our clients have with this simple approach is with the lack of granular segmentation this enables. For example, if you wanted to define "some year" to be a within the last few, four or five years, the NPSP report falls short. Also if you want to specify a specific amount within a defined period you're unable to do so. E.g. Find everyone who've given greater than $100 in any of the last 5 years. This is not possible with NPSP, you can only find people who've given a total greater or less than a value specified this year, last year or across their lifetime.

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KELL360 "Out of the Box" SYBUNT Report

We've found the above approach to be too limiting, which is why we've built several custom summary rollups into KELL360. These additional summaries provide far more flexibility in donor segmentation. For example, with these summaries you can perform more targeted SYBUNT analysis (e.g. Find everyone who's given $500 in any of the last 5 years but not this year). With the NPSP out of the box, this isn't possible. Additionally, the combination of hard credits and soft credit combined giving summaries means you can find donors based on whether they gave themselves (hard credit) or whether they are receiving soft credit for that donation.

K360 Rollups

Check out this video demonstration.