Event Management with Click & Pledge

If you’re a nonprofit staffer, your hosted Events are a lot like celebrating a big family holiday or milestone birthday. The preparation, the planning, the logistics, the details and the stress are always underestimated and then it’s all over in a flash. Don’t get me wrong, the rewards are tremendous, but the labor required to successfully execute an event for your nonprofit is huge! We get it. Been there, done that. 

In this post we’re going to talk about the functionality and value of a specific Event solution, but before we go there, let’s get something straight – there are MANY types of Events and no single technology can serve all types. No way, no how. For nonprofits there are mini-RSVP only events, there are big annual galas, there are volunteer activities, there are conferences, concerts, hikes, endurance events with fundraising attached, etc. etc. Seriously, calling all of these “Events” is dangerous because it assumes they all operate similarly, which is wrong, totally wrong.

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KELL360 - A Simpler Path for Nonprofits

360 success pyramid 200We've been very busy improving our KELL360 offering since we introduced it this past May! Since the introduction, we've signed up a dozen nonprofits, developed new functionality for event table seating, improved the donor analytics, created a direct-response solution and completed an exhaustive comparison of email automation products that work with KELL360, and that's just scratching the surface. During this time, KELL360 has benefited from the innovations within the Nonprofit Success Pack, including new functionality for Engagement Plans and tracking Donor Levels, an enhancement to tracking Deliverables, and many small changes and improvements as well. Likewise, Click & Pledge has rolled out many exciting enhancements, most notably an entirely new form solution to create fully-responsive, customizable and attractive donation forms without any code. Over the next several weeks we'll explore each and every one of these enhancements in depth here within KELL Labs.

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Facing Cancer With Truly Powerful Support

Facing Our Risk of Cancer EmpoweredThough Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered has offered comforting, and even lifesaving, resources since 1999, KELL Partners recently helped them take personalized support to a whole new level. Through the Peer Navigation Program, FORCE matches individuals seeking support with specially trained volunteers who travelled a similar health journey.

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Salesforce MVP Means True Credibility

We are thrilled to announce that Adam Kramer has been elected by his peers to become a Salesforce MVP! In his announcement letter, the selection committee said this about Adam, "You were chosen as a Salesforce MVP based on your contributions to the Salesforce Community and because you have demonstrated leadership, expertise, responsiveness, and advocacy.  You have answered countless questions, addressed tweets, written blogs, led user groups, submitted ideas, written formulas, shared best practices and so much more." Adam has been a KELL MVP for more than four years, so it's great to see the larger community acknowledge what we've know for so long, Adam is a Superhero.

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Midwest Dreamin is a Community Inspired Conference

midwest dreaminI've just returned from Midwest Dreamin' 2016 and I'm already planning to go back next year with more KELL staff in tow. Midwest Dreamin' is a community-led, community-run, community-inspired event that is organized by Midwest Salesforce user group leaders. You might call it a "super-user group meeting" or a mini Dreamforce conference. The event brought marquee quality speakers and AppExchange vendors to the Midwest and was a tremendous opportunity for Salesforce platform learning and networking.

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A Difference of Needs vs. Requirements

needs vs wantsYou are so ready to get started on this project! And you’ve already made a helpful list of your needs to give to your project manager. So why did your project manager take one look at your list of needs and say that you needed have a bunch of meetings to identify your requirements? Everything you need is laid out right in front of them! Why can’t you just get started right now?

It turns out, needs and requirements are not the same thing. Understanding the difference will help insure that you get exactly what you need out of your Salesforce implementation. Read on to learn what project managers look for when defining requirements and how you can help get your project started on the right foot.

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SYBUNT Donor Segmentation

Here's a common question we are asked, "How many of my donors have given some year in the past, but have unfortunately NOT given yet this year?" This is the classic SYBUNT segmentation nonprofits need to perform quickly for strategic fundraising. The reason is that your past donors are typically your best candidates for future donations. But how you find these donors is not exactly clear. The Nonprofit Starter Pack from makes it possible to pull a very simple SYBUNT list using reports, but it doesn't go quite far enough for most of our clients. In this post we explore the differences between NPSP SYBUNT and KELL360 SYBUNT reporting.

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Donor Profile Document Merge

Here's a common question we get asked: "How can I quickly create a document/PDF for a specific donor that shows the most important information we have on record?". This is a classic "donor profile" report/mail merge that many of our clients need available at their fingertips. With Salesforce it's all possible and there are many available solutions to deliver such a report. After trying them all, we've settled on what we at KELL believe to be a true best practice approach for this common need.

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A Seat at the Table

st anthonys casestudyHaving worked with St. Anthony’s since 2012, I have personally seen the impact of their Salesforce revolution.  While it has been wonderful to see their transformation over the years, my mind was completely blown after a visit to their facilities during Dreamforce last year.  I have always been amazed by how much they do with so little.  Every day, the organization serves more than 1,600 poor and homeless individuals in San Francisco. Volunteers devote more than 130,000 hours each year to transforming lives. St. Anthony’s started in 1950 as a dining room, but now offers a variety of services, including health care and addiction recovery.

By 2012, St. Anthony’s had outgrown its manual volunteer processes.  Pen-and-paper check-ins required staff to re-enter all the shift details at the end of day. Multiple databases made volunteer activity difficult to view and track. The organization needed an integrated system to track volunteer time, show gratitude and measure impact.

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Why Householding is Important

draw crayon kid wallA friend of mine purchased a car last year.  She did her research, found the car she wanted, negotiated the price with the dealer and drove it off the lot. When she paid for it, she signed the check.  She added her husband to the title, but she was listed first.  A few months later her husband receives a birthday card from the dealership. What?! Her birthday was weeks before his but she didn’t receive any card. This, rightfully, annoyed my friend and she posted on the dealership's Facebook page to express her concerns.  The dealership tried to make it up to her with an apologetic card and some cookies, but as my Mom has always told me, you never get a second chance to make a first impression [She also says everything looks better with lipstick.  After having our 3 year old “paint” our master bedroom with lipstick, I can say that bright red lipstick does not make white blinds look any better.].

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