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Some of the best things about Salesforce is that it is customizable, flexible, and continuously improving with enhancements. Some of the worst things for the Salesforce Administrator is that Salesforce is customizable, flexible, and continuously improving with enhancements. It’s that double edge sword that makes it so wonderful and so difficult to navigate at the same time.

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Introducing KELL360

This is not your ordinary product announcement. We’ve all seen the typical announcement before, "We are thrilled to announce the availability of KELL360, a complete nonprofit fundraising solution built on the platform, blah blah", often devoid of substance and answers; more fluff, less stuff. You know what I’m talking about, and we're not going to bore you with it again. At KELL we don’t like to follow others, we choose to blaze new paths. That’s why KELL360 is not like your typical product. It’s a new approach that is less radical and more logical. Less transformative and more practical. That said, we are still excited to finally talk publicly about what we hope will change the way nonprofits choose Salesforce.

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Installing AppExchange Apps 101

The Salesforce AppExchange is awesome, woohoo! Apps, apps and more apps. Let’s go install new apps in Salesforce, let's go, let's go! Wait, slow down there tiger. Let’s be smart about this.

appexchange fundallocations 400When talking with Salesforce newbies the iPhone analogy is often used to help describe the AppExchange; however, in practice the two ecosystems and technology couldn’t be more different. With iPhone apps the technology is fairly well partitioned. Meaning, if you install a new calendar app because it’s got a fresh new feature then later decide to delete the app, your main calendar is likely immune. Not so much with the AppExchange. You must be very careful when considering how each application might affect your data and other processes. Your data is so incredibly valuable to your nonprofit, so protect it.

So with nearly 3,000 apps and about 2,000 components, how can you make sure the tool you select will work for your organization? Here are three things you should do before installing a new app in your Salesforce instance.

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NPSP Opportunities and Payments 101

Nonprofits starting with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) can be very exciting. The functionality is amazing and the flexibility to store additional information on your constituents is something most “off the shelf” products cannot compete with. Oh the places we can store stuff!

Yet building a valuable fundraising system means ensuring that we’re not just recording data, but rather driving great decisions. Therefore, understanding the use of Opportunities and Payments is central to a decision-minded design. (Note: “Opportunities” and “Payments” are the default labels for these objects and can be renamed, so it’s possible your Salesforce instance uses something different.)

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Contributing Code and Building a Community

We're pretty lucky here at KELL. You see, we're a bunch geeks who love to tinker with technology, Salesforce most of all. This isn't just a marketing message, it's true. We're constantly looking at every problem to see if there's a way it can be solved with tech. And we get to do this for a living! That's what's so amazing. We're problem solving, analytically-minded geeks and we get to apply these skills to the nonprofit world. Sometimes our contributions are small, like creating a new workflow or process that will automate a task which had previously required hours of manual labor. But sometimes our contributions are more significant. This is one of those times.

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Part 2: The Bad & Ugly - Upgrading to Salesforce NPSP 3.0 & Household Account Model Conversions

Kell Web NPSP Blog R1.0In part one of this series, we covered the good news about converting to NPSP 3.0 Household Account model and how to know if your data was conversion ready. If your data is ready, there are many excellent resources available on exactly how to convert. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and always test your conversion first in either a full sandbox or one with a representative sample of your accounts, contacts, households, opportunities and activities.

However, if you’re not as lucky as those with pristine data formats (you’re not alone), this post will address a few of the more challenging situations and what to do about them. In some cases, you just need to perform a few extra steps before or after your conversion. In others, you may need to bring in some help from a partner such as KELL Partners, or even migrate to a completely new instance of Salesforce.

Here are 7 scenarios that will cause problems in your conversion if not remedied ahead of time, we’ll call these the “Bad and Ugly” scenarios. But, not to worry, they are addressable with the proper administrative skills and time to correct them.

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Part 1: The Good - Upgrading to Salesforce NPSP 3.0 & Household Account Model Conversions

Kell Web NPSP Blog R1.0

Are you ready for’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) 3.0 Upgrade Month? Almost without exception, anyone who is running the NPSP 2.0 packages should consider upgrading to NPSP 3.0. Once you’re up and running on NPSP 3.0, you can optionally convert to the new Household Account model. This 2-part series will help you identify whether you are ready to convert, or whether you may need additional time or resources.

To be clear, has designed the NPSP 3.0 upgrade installation and conversion with a small nonprofit in mind. Many nonprofits with a reasonably experienced Administrator can install NPSP 3.0 on their own and convert to the new Household Account Model, should they wish. In Part 1 of this series, we’ll help you identify whether your organization’s data is in good shape to make a relatively easy conversion. In Part 2, we’ll cover the more complex scenarios, where you may need to do some significant preparation or even call in outside help in order to convert.

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7 Reasons Why Sharing Salesforce Licenses is Not a Good Idea

Nonprofits often run their organizations on a tight budget and try to spend as little as possible on things such as technology in order to have more money to contribute to their organization’s cause and mission. While this is an honorable decision, it is one that can put the organization at risk.

Data security is important, and protecting your donor’s information is well worth investing in the purchase of licenses for your users to each have their own dedicated login. Sharing licenses puts your data at risk and is never a good idea. Here’s six reasons why.

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New Idealware Report Presents a Field Guide to Salesforce Non-Profit Apps and Features

Kell idealware report 2015 med

If you’ve ever put on your Marco Polo hat and explored Salesforce’s features and third-party applications before, you know that it’s a virtual treasure trove of interesting and useful options. But while you’re saying, “Wow,” we’ll bet you’re also wondering, “Where do I start?” It’s kind of like going to Disneyland. There’s so much goodness, but which thrill ride do you take first? You can’t lose with any of them, but choosing can be overwhelming.

Never fear. The latest Idealware Salesforce report is here!

Idealware recently released their 2015 report on Salesforce features and apps for nonprofits — and we could not love it more. We may be biased (because we helped create it), but this is hands-down the most comprehensive report available today on oh-so cool tools that can elevate your non-profit to Matterhorn-level heights.

Applications like the Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect will add structure and functionality for your constituent and donor management needs, but you’ll likely still need other applications to complement these products based on your processes and priorities. That’s where this resource proves most valuable.

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