We've got skills. And aren’t afraid to use them.

With a clear path, the right questions and proven processes, we transform ideas [big, small or teeny tiny] into reality. You get a system you can work with, data that just makes sense, and a team that’s trained. Because the how you get things done is just as important as getting it done.

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Needs Analysis

Salesforce has lots of bells & whistles but which ones are right for you?

Whether just getting started or making a change, we've got you covered. Salesforce is flexible. It can bend and shape in many ways to meet your needs. Choosing the right options is where we come in.

You’ll have a path, a plan and a price for how to meet your needs using the platform [it’s that simple].

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Kell Needs-Analysis

Kell Implementation


We tweak it. We tune it. We make it right for you. It’s all about getting you set up and trained up.

With over 700 Salesforce instances up and running, we’ve been down every road and know how to map your course. We’ve got a five-step proven process to get you up and running [this is where the magic happens].

Discovery > Execution > Transition > Launch > Maintain

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Data Manipulation

Dupes and dirty data [them’s fighting words].

Your data is your most important asset. We’ll clean it, scrub it and make it all right. We’ve got some serious super-geek powers on this one. We’re Salesforce certified. We’re Microsoft certified. We’re Nonprofit certified.

Whether you're in need of an easy way to migrate from Excel, or you just need to get your information from your existing CRM into Salesforce, we've got a team to help.

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Kell Data-Manipulation

Kell Systems-Integration

Systems Integration

When you just need everyone to get along.

We’ll help you get those systems talking to each other and your data where you need it to be. Salesforce holds some pretty valuable data, so why not share that with external systems? Salesforce has endless possibilities but integration is a two-way street, dependent equally on Salesforce and your other systems.

So, some are easier than others. If we’re working with a system that plays well with others, we can achieve two-way, bisynchronous real-time integrations [that’s a mouthful]. If they’re a little trickier, sometimes “integration” simply means creating a .csv file of records.

Whatever your needs – let’s talk about it »

Application Development

If there's not an app for that, we can build it. Or dream it [we're pretty creative].

KELL can create a custom application to match your specifications and needs. Our engineering team of Developers can truly create almost anything—from custom website payment and ecommerce solutions to administrative features and bidirectional custom integrations with external systems [yeah, we can do that].

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Kell Application-Development

Kell Web-Development

Web Development

As important as Salesforce is behind the scenes, your website is in front of the scene.

Why not bring the two together and create a great interactive experience for your supporters? Yep, you heard us right – integrate your Salesforce data with your website.

We can create custom, responsive online forms, matching the look and feel of your website as well as design interactive portals. We can also create unique web pages to extract information from Salesforce and expose it online to your visitors.

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KELL Partners helped guide the deployment of our CRM system and provided a way to integrate key components of our grant application process. As a result, we’ve reduced a tremendous amount of staff time and manual work that previously was required to keep the Foundation’s grants program successfully moving forward.


Zach Riggle, U.S. Soccer Foundation

The folks at KELL Partners have been unbelievable. I haven’t had any question or concern go unanswered. Working with them truly saves me time, and in a nonprofit organization, time is not on my side.


Lynn Simon, Gloria Gemma

KELL Partners is a true partner! I appreciated the way the team stepped up to fill a void that was created when Common Ground® was discontinued. We have come to rely on our CRM in our daily work and am relieved that KELL Partners assisted us in the decision and the implementation of this new instance.

Deb Hellmuth

Deb Hellmuth, Benedictine University-Center for Values-Driven Leadership

Turning a horrible, disastrous data issue into a positive experience is no easy task and KELL made that possible. They were a pleasure to work with and very patient with my technological shortcomings.


Julie Brown, Farmer Veteran Coalition

KELL Partners did a great job with all the complexities in managing very different data, creating the custom objects we needed, and making sure everything functioned the way we needed it to. We were very happy with their ability to work within our budget. I highly recommend the KELL team.


Lynnda Simpson, Brent’s Place

KELL guided our Salesforce implementation process with great attention and respect, even though our project was a very small one. Everyone was responsive to our needs, and kept implementation on time and budget. We definitely recommend their services to other not-for-profit organizations!

Doreen Baker, Asian Human Services

They were very careful to well research answers to my questions before making changes to ensure a smooth transition. I will and have already recommended KELL to other nonprofit organizations, and we expect to work with them again for future training and growth needs.


Lora Hollingsworth, Beyond Batten Disease Foundation

We had a wonderful experience with KELL Partners. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable in all areas. We will continue to use KELL for consultation on a need basis for our database.


SallyJoe Guznik, Tree Pittsburgh

KELL Partners was an amazing find for us, and we couldn't have completed our database transition without them. The staff continues to amaze me with their diversity and breadth of knowledge and skills. I highly recommend them as a partner. They will help you succeed!


Jillian Arthur, Marathon Kids

KELL is more like a partner than a vendor. They’re very responsive, incredibly easy to work with and approach projects with your organization’s best interests in mind.


Audrey Glaser, Austin Partners in Education