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After your staff, your data is your organizations’ most valuable asset. At KELL, we’ve got some serious data-geek powers and we’ll help you import, migrate, manipulate, dedupe and clean your data to provide ongoing insights for your nonprofit or educational institution.

Our data services include:

Salesforce Data Services

Data Migration Services

Whether you’re just getting started with Salesforce or have finally decided to bring that aging programs database into the modern cloud era, we can help. We’ve completed more than 1,000 data migrations for our clients converting every possible source into an enriched, relational data structure that helps your organization work more efficiently with better analysis.


Salesforce Data Migration
  • Legacy Data Received - Our process starts by taking your legacy data and converting it to SQL tables. From there we’ll apply our proprietary scripts to determine the integrity of your data, assess duplicates and other common problems.
  • Data Map Developed - We’ll generate a data dictionary to analyze every table and every field, then work closely with your team to create a detailed map and transformation plan. We’re not just mapping fields, we’re transforming your old data into a new structure with the goal of making your historical records appear in Salesforce as if they originated in Salesforce. We apply this methodical approach to every migration we undertake.
  • Initial Load and Validation - Once your transformation map is approved, we’ll clean and dedupe your records, split combined names apart, household where appropriate and separate your individuals from your organizations. We then perform an initial load of your cleaned and deduped database to Salesforce. This best-practice approach allows your team to perform thorough testing and validation before the final migration.
  • Final Load and Differential - When you’re ready, we’ll request a new backup and complete the migration. When necessary, KELL offers differential migration services to capture any new or modified records since the last backup. Ask us whether this service is appropriate for your needs.

Raiser's Edge Migration Services 

Migrating your data from the Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce is not a task you want to “figure out” or entrust to someone with inexperience. The Raiser’s Edge has more than 4,000 tables of data, and while the underlying format is consistent, the possible variables for how organizations utilize Constituent Codes, Attributes, Phone Types and use of Campaigns, Appeals and Packages requires careful consideration in the transformation to Salesforce.

This is not an effort you can apply a cookie-cutter template approach to solve successfully. At KELL, we blend our best-practices with high-touch customization to each Raiser’s Edge migration, allowing greater efficiency without sacrificing the unique characteristics that individual organizations have.

Raiser's Edge Migration Services

Data Maintenance Services

Data Maintenance Services  

Just like with your house, you’re never, ever (we really mean never) done with managing and maintaining your data. Let KELL help you tackle the more difficult data tasks so that you can focus on acquiring new supporters for your cause.

Our Data Maintenance Services ensure your system is performing optimally and includes: 

  • Deduplication
  • Duplicate Prevention
  • Cleaning
  • Householding
  • Name & Address Standardization
  • List Imports

“Transitioning from 4 separate data sources (including Raiser's Edge) to Salesforce is a massive task and the staff at KELL made it seem easy. Thorough without being overwhelming, detailed without being too "techy" and just all around great customer service; KELL was simply amazing! I honestly cannot say enough good things about our experience. Slightly disappointed I can't give them more than 5 stars.”

Will Dixon, Sports Backers

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