KELL QuickStarts

Get started with Salesforce. Quickly.

The QuickStart program makes it easy for nonprofits to get started with the Nonprofit Starter Pack in a short amount of time with a limited budget. You'll get a pre-determined set of services to fit within the 40 hour scope and $5,000 price. This ensures a consistent, proven implementation process, in a fraction of the time that a custom implementation would require.

KELL Quickstart Salesforce Program

Is QuickStart Right for You?

The QuickStart program may be a good fit for your nonprofit organization if:

  • Your total budget for your project is $5,000;
  • You'll be satisfied with a data migration that is limited to legacy: Contacts, Households and Historical Donations;
  • You're comfortable populating KELL's unique data migration template (Excel file); and
  • The Nonprofit Starter Pack will meet your needs.

Need more than that? Not a problem. KELL also offers custom consulting and development for larger projects. Learn more here.

Why Choose KELL?

There are several qualified consulting firms that can help you conduct a QuickStart implementation. So why choose KELL?


We've Done It All

We've worked with more than 650 nonprofits to implement Salesforce solutions. We've worked with organizations of all types and sizes, with projects that have tested our skills and helped us improve our methods and efficiency. In other words [we've got this].

We're Different

We don't do cookie-cutter implementations. They don't work. Our approach includes migrating your donation data and the ability to pick your integrations, like payment processing, so that you're able to customize your instance to match your unique needs.

We Love What We Do

We love nonprofits and we love Salesforce. We live for the "wow" moments during every project. Whether it's finishing ahead of schedule, performing an unexpected bonus service, or something else, we strive to deliver a "wow" moment with every project.