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NDI New Mexico

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About NDI New Mexico

NDI New Mexico uses the power of music and dance to help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves. These tools will carry over into all aspects of their lives.

To accomplish this, NDI New Mexico has to move mountains. The organization offers public school-based outreach classes, summer dance camps, advanced afterschool training and more. NDI holds multiple large fundraising galas each year and showcases thousands of children during each weeks-long performance series.

NDI New Mexico needed a database that could move forward with the organization. Fundraising and other departments needed to grow more sophisticated in their data strategy. NDI chose Salesforce as their tool and KELL Partners as their team. What resulted was an extreme reduction in reporting time, a huge improvement in their fundraising team's effectiveness and accountability, and a total transformation in the organization’s use of data.

NDI New Mexico's Goals

  • Manage data strategically
  • Reduce reporting time
  • Develop tools for collaboration
  • Monitor internal metrics

NDI New Mexico wanted to get organized about its collection and use of data. That’s no small task when you touch the lives of so many children, families, dancers and donors.

NDI New Mexico


Migrating from Abila CRM to Salesforce
Time required to create a critical donor recognition report
NDI can now look at accounts from the perspective of households, rather than individuals
As the donor moves through all the stages of the cultivation pipeline

Navigating a Universe of Apps

When NDI New Mexico made the leap from an Abila CRM to Salesforce, KELL provided advice on how to design a system around their requirements and structure. There’s an overwhelming wealth of Salesforce apps out there. KELL has direct experience with a lot of them, so we made recommendations, such as Drawloop Document Generation to perform merges and Apsona for data loading and multi-step reporting.

A special challenge was NDI’s fundraising model, which departs somewhat from Salesforce’s native structure. NDI looks at their accounts from the perspective of households, rather than individuals. To resolve this issue, KELL installed Campaign Companies to give NDI New Mexico the flexibility they needed in their Salesforce instance.

Campaign Companies
Tech-Fueled Teamwork for Fundraising

NDI New Mexico wanted to take a collaborative approach to development. It’s the only way to raise the funds necessary to achieve their mission. They needed get the right information to different team members, and they also wanted to run analysis to make sure the team’s performing to their full potential.

KELL developed a portfolio assignment tool that allows development staff to be assigned certain donors for cultivation. Several team members may have some role with the donor, and NDI’s system accounts for these various roles in regard to specific goals—such as supporting the annual gala at a certain dollar level.

As the donor moves through the stages of cultivation, the development team can run reports that show a given team member’s progress, pipeline, and contacts yet to be nurtured. The analytics have proven to be extremely insightful.

Portfolio Tool
More Information—In Less Time

Under the new system, data management as a whole has markedly changed. It's resulted in a huge improvement in fundraising.

Completing one particularly valuable donor recognition report used to take six people working for a week. Staff pulled the numbers, compiled the information manually and then checked the calculations. Now, the system spits out the numbers to create the line items. In one hour, one person can pull the whole report together.

With KELL’s support, NDI was even able to install a critical reporting tool themselves. KELL just walked them through the process of activating the license.


Donor Recognition Report
“KELL has made a huge improvement in our fundraising team.”

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