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How We Work - Nonprofits

How We Partner with Nonprofits

Nonprofit Focus

At KELL, working with nonprofits is not a side-hustle. Since day 1 in 2009 this has been our focus, our discipline, our passion.

Our Project Team Experience

Salesforce expertise is critical. Project experience is highly valuable. Nonprofit work history is required. We only hire experts who've been working with nonprofits before joining our team. We've learned the hard way that no matter how smart and hard-working an individual may be, without direct experience at a nonprofit they will not be successful helping our clients.

Fundraising & Donor Management

Donor relationships, segmentation, SYBUNT, LYBUNT analysis and moves management. These are just a few of our most favorite things. We get it. You're competing for attention, sustainers and dollars with your fundraising and you need your technology to work harder.

Your Programs are Our Mission

Efficiency and insight. That's what's needed to help you manage your programs. Our objective is to help you achieve your goals. With the right technology your team can focus on creating and delivering mission-focused programs and spend less time with busywork. 

Solutions to Match Every Nonprofit

We work with you to find solutions and services that complement your team, work within your timeline and fit within your budget. Before you start with KELL, you'll have confidence in our work and the total cost. Whether your needs are ginormous or teeny-tiny, we'll craft a solution to match.

"We've worked with KELL on a number of projects over the years, but just completed the largest one in recent history. From sales to implementation, their team did everything possible to work with us and our budget. Our Project Manager did a great job both with the work itself and with how he communicated his efforts to us.

I never felt like we were just a client. KELL takes working with nonprofits seriously and treats us as partners. I only wish we had more time with them so we could get even more accomplished! Thank you guys for always being there for us when we need you."

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