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Meet the Team

Erin Mullaney

Erin Mullaney

Erin Mullaney

Project Manager

Growing up I always knew I wanted a career where I could help people.  After serving in the Peace Corps as a public health volunteer, I started working in direct service at Planned Parenthood.  A year in I began to explore the other ways I could support nonprofit work and ended up in development.  By 2009 I was working as a Salesforce Administrator and found that I could help people by solving problems with technology.  

Once I started working on the Salesforce platform, I knew I never wanted a job that didn’t use it!  There’s so much evolution and flexibility.  I love how Salesforce makes it easy for nonprofits to harness some of the best tools in business for the greater good.  

Why I like working at KELL

Working at KELL gives me the opportunity to team up with great nonprofits.  I get to work with a team of smart people who all love Saleforce as much as I do.  We are constantly learning together as Salesforce grows, and we get to do all this while making a positive impact on the world. 

  • Salesforce Administrator